Keasurf - Website builder


Keasite, the website builder.

A Website builder made especialy for surf camps and school but its good for everybody else.

Build and publish your website in record time.
  • QUICK and EFFICIENT way to build and maintain your website 


Made for those who have

Because lets face it, a surfer surfs, he has no idea about gutter, grid, typography and web servers. So we made a simple system to build a site that you can keep in control, not a space station panel that you can easyly access features that you have no idea what they do. 

Start now

The system is made in a way to limit your creativity and focus on getting the job done and make something functional, easy. You have two things to learn and use only. How to setup your site and how to edit each page. All the rest happens automatic.

How does it work

It takes copy paste time if you have your text and photos ready to launch your website up in the web. 

1) Select theme & Nav bar

Start with one of our existing themes and configure your top navigation menu.

2) Create & edit your pages

Simply add your text and photos to your page. You can add without any coding knowledge html, custom design, photogalleries etc.

3) Publish & Market

Connect the keasite to your domain and your site is ready to recieve client enquiries.


Page editor

  • Add and remove top menu categories
  • Add photos
  • Add/edit html or html snippets
  • Logged in users can edit the pages directly from their website
  • Re Order the pages
  • SEO meta tags for title, keywords and description

Navigation menu

  • Customize your navigation menu with the categories that you want.
  • If you are using out Acoomodation, Lessons or Rentals apps, the top menu is being created automatic.

Photo slider features

  • Add and remove photos
  • Reorder
  • Multiple file upload at once 
  • Responsive gallery display

Automatic Image Taging (beta)

  • This feature looks at an image and tell us what it sees.
  • Select the words and save them as keywords to your image 
  • boosting your SEO and it saves you a lot of time.


  • Search your website conteny
  • Search by keywords
  • Search by author
  • Search by category
  • Find what you are looking for quick


Contact form

  • Let your visitors contact you easily.
  • Recieve contact enquiries on your email
  • Update your email anytime
  • Show your phone, and address

Recieve booking

  • Use our form builder to create a booking form.
  • Recive that form enquiry to your email.
  • Keep contacts details from the persons.
  • Automaticaly creates a new client on your clients list.

Live chat

  • Let your customers contact you straight from your website.
  • Create your digital reception in minuetes.
  • Many operators.
  • Log and analyse your chats.
  • Work from anywhere.



Customisations ?

Yes, you can change everything, even thought the system looks limited, on the advanced settings you can do everything, Even use it to quickly add a new js framework or add your css. If you don't know how to do it, contact us.